5 Reasons You Should Include Live Streaming In Your Marketing Mix

Calling all marketing professionals, we already know the following

Calling all marketing professionals – we already know the following:

– “Push” marketing doesn’t work anymore yet some firms use digital tools as bullhorns.

– There is no substitute for face time but it is expensive and challenging to scale.

Live video streaming is already here and it has way more potential than just sticking a camera at the back of the room. Early adopters are already using live streaming to:
– Slash their event spend
– Reach, teach and engage more people
– Have more fun being creative (isn’t marketing supposed to be about fun and creativity?)

Here are five reasons why your business should consider hosting a live stream event:
1. We have the technology. We are standing on the shoulders of giants. The technology combo deployed for a professional live stream is bleeding edge. Enterprise level cloud distribution and on site hardware / software can take 25 HD camera signals, remote guests and layer over animated graphics encoded down to a very low bitrate combined to produce a high end television-style broadcast that your entire database can watch on their mobile devices.
2. We have the bandwidth. The math that encodes video for traveling over the Internet is getting better all the time. As we all gain access to more bandwidth video needs less of the stuff to stream over the web. I could get technical here but the bottom line is bandwidth is less and less of an issue even in emerging markets.
3. We have control over format. This will scare television producers and advertising executives just as much as it will excite marketing directors as they are no longer beholden to the business models of other industries. That guru isn’t available to fly in to keynote your event? Live video her into the event. Live stream your next product launch. Host a live panel discussion with customers from around the world. Conduct a live video town hall and real-time Q&A with your CEO and employees. Be creative with the format to excite your audience and have fun while saving your company tens of thousands of dollars.
4. It is already here. Periscope or Meerkat have already turned every smartphone into live video broadcasting stations. Not on Periscope? You should be.
5. It is psychologically sticky. Live video adds a sizzle that prerecorded video lacks. It is immediate and when embedded in social media allows for real-time engagement with audiences. People will tune in for that. And if they can’t they can view it later at their convenience. In 2015 you are going to see early adopters scaling their top sales talent by finding creative ways to get them in front of live audiences over the Internet. As brands continue to aspire to be media producers live streaming will move from a “nice to have” to a threshold requirement for brand success.

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