Ironically, the terms marketing and communications are often misunderstood – or even considered interchangeable. Add the term digital and things get even more ambiguous.

Effectively pricing, promoting and positioning a brand are very different skill sets from those required to clearly, concisely and effectively reach a specific audience in the digital age. Our firm includes public relations experts, business analysts, designers, programmers and media professionals but we all rally behind our ability to provide our clients world class digital marketing and communications by understanding their global business – in the context of Asia Pacific.

We use the latest digital tools and tactics, customized strategies and our global experience to partner with our clients for long term success. We prove this through continuous measurement and firmly believe, if you can’t measure it – you can’t manage it.



You don’t know what you don’t know. We answer the important but elusive who, what, where, why and when questions about your audience and help you see where your business stands against the competition.


If you don’t plan ahead, you plan to fail. From task to milestone to deadline, we take the science of project management seriously and we’ll build you a crystal clear roadmap to achieve your goals.


Tied to real business goals, we design the perfect recipe from the ingredients that fit your scope and budget: corporate website, social media, digital PR, to fully-functional mobile applications.


Keep it simple. Developing a simple business strategy is critical to success but simple does not mean easy. Developing innovative go to market strategies is our sweet spot.


70% of all communication is visual. A professional video is engaging and compelling and tells the story of your firm, features a case story, introduces key team members or provides a behind the scenes look at a product or service.


Poster + Video + Mobile App = Unforgettable. Make the complexities of real-time, multimodal, multi directional communication work for you by arranging them to support “one sight, one sound”.