TWOMC - XR Section

What is XR?
TWOMC’s Extended Reality (XR) development projects involve any number of spatial computing types:

Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

Mixed Reality (MR)

Our quickly growing team of Unity development and 3D talent has worked with the international Architecture, Construction, Engineering (ACE) industry, military and civilian defence forces across SouthEast Asia to increase training efficiency, save money and save lives.

3D Animation

Case Study: mLight
mLight is a leading Australian commercial LED lighting company that manufactures versatile, high performance lights for museums, shopping centers, universities and other large professional builds. mLight needed to show their clients the new premiere Kleo X range of lights as well as the AI components in their new Retina Light Control module.

The 3D Animation Process
Phase 1
Conceptualizing and storyboarding in VR means we could place cameras and actually see what key shots would look like in 3D - frame by frame. The shared 3D storyboard enabled mLight’s marketing team to then collaborate and make the calls on important style decisions.

Phase 2
Approved assets were created in 3D including the environment. Lighting and material testing could then begin involving decisions around materials used for surfaces of 3D assets like the floor, ceiling and walls. In parallel, we could then evaluate the lighting environment and make sure it’s both dramatic and represents a realistic installation scene.

Phase 3
Final revision included multiple passes for model animation, accuracy and titles. However, the time it took for revision was dramatically reduced by the shared 3D storyboard. Creating the storyboard in 3D on this project dramatically reduced the “roundtrip” draft-review-change request-redraft cycle.

We were pleased with the video that TWOMC produced for the Kleo X Range & RLC. Ryan and his team have the exceptional ability to understand our business thoroughly and help us in creating 3D animation that would accommodate us in attracting and fascinating our clients. - George Toth - Managing Director of Mlight Pty Ltd